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There are many educators in the trading world, but very few actual traders. An education in trading is like learning and memorizing parts of an automobile but never getting into the drivers seat; quite useless. Trading is a tough game; the toughest on the planet. However, there are rules to the game and they are rather simple. The only rules are as follows: Maximize your wins, and Minimize your losses; and stay in the game for as long as possible. That is the summary of it all. This is a gruesome game, and it helps immensely when the trader is trained 1-on-1 through LIVE TRADING only; all else is only fluff.

We will begin by laying out a clear foundation for a profitable trading edge; one that suits your personality and schedule. We will monitor your accounts and help you grow them professionally, and you will learn as we go. The dabblers in trading do not make it; we know because we have been in this game FULL-TIME since 2014, before Idiotgram and before the countless "funding" firms popped out. This game requires a laser-like focus, and a patient and disciplined personality. It is much easier to be patient and disciplined when you have a seasoned professional trading the same methods alongside you. There is no shame in needing help, and we will provide that help live 1-on-1 and drag you across the goal line, only if the trader desires it.

We tried to pack a decade of experience in these BFI Traders educational courses, but there is still much that we have not included. Some things in the trading world cannot be summed up in a course. Whether it be Candlesticks Training, or advanced Order-Flow Training, join one of the Mentorship programs below.

- Trader ZTE 

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