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Trade 1: October 21st, 2014... Click. 

"If only I knew then the door I had just opened. The journey for every BFI Trader is a gruesome one; but it is much easier to endure the journey when the trader understands the process of development that must occur in order to become the trader you desire."

"Breaking the psychological threshold into trading consistency is only the first level and consistency is only an illusion if it cannot be maintained. The constant pursuit of higher trading standards is the pursuit of the proper trader; to refine their trading edge, whether it  be manual or automated, or a mix of the two as we have developed over the past decade. Candlestick confirmations, Order-Flow confirmations, Volume confirmations, Time confirmations; Liquidity confirmations; there is no shortage of trading opportunities for the mind capable of relaxed concentration with fluidity and flexibility on their instrument(s)."
As the Founder of BFI Traders, ZTE has helped traders across the world for many years; long before it was "cool" and all over social media. After being introduced to trading from the retail marketing side, the initial years were based on retail thinking, retail methodologies, and retail indicators: & there were no results to show for it. As a trader progresses through their journey, they realize that most of the information available out there is impedimenta: something heavy that weighs the trader down. Much of it distilled down and copied from others or just of little substance or value. It is difficult to explain a methodology if you yourself haven't mastered it yet. ZTE began to learn that simplicity is rare in the trading world, and contrarianism breeds the trading success. 

After a few trading episodes and a few painful periods of recovery, ZTE cleaned the charts, and went back to the basics: learning to read pure price action and trying to track the big footprints. ZTE Trader begins to taste profitability, only to realize that the BOOM was followed by the BUST; and there was another humbling cycle of sabotage to deal with upon exiting the cycle of consistently losing. Again, the next couple years consisted of a series of trading episodes and subsequent recovery periods, in order to slowly understand and absorb this concept of a risk-to-reward ratio; of capital preservation over capital growth; of playing with profits; of proper pyramiding; of risking a portion of any closed gains; of avoiding slave-labor, and many other rules and methods and systems in place designed over time to protect what needs protecting and keep accounts on track. Properly pyramiding a single pair with fluidity and flexibility across a few reliable timeframes; there is no replacement for proper seasoning and experience for the manual trader. 

After releasing the BFI Traders Candlestick Course in 2020, traders globally had access to a simplified BFI Trading methodology. Many absorbed the simplified and seasoned trading information which explained the BFI Trading style in very easy-to-understand ways. This September, ZTE plans to release the BFI Traders Order-Flow Field Guide, which helps traders understand how to use the order-flow flowing into the futures trading exchanges in order to help you refine your trading on the corresponding FX trading exchanges and FX candlestick charts. 

ZTE believes that proper trading is about being a simple trader, but a serious trader. Simple and serious; the BFI Trader can become a seasoned professional over the years and develop their trading edge into something that entices confidence and more importantly into something profitable. Whether the BFI Trader decides to scalp, swing, or even position trade their financial instrument, there are rules and routines we follow based on the type of setup and the corresponding trading style. New traders should learn to master one single simple trading style on one simple trading pair before attempting to engage in all the various trading methods available to us. Over time, as the trading toolset expands, the trader can refine their edge based on their trading history and their trading results.

You can typically find ZTE pyramiding his two financial instruments Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9A-11A CDT, or on the BFI Traders platform supporting students or mentoring BFI Traders over the years to become more efficient traders and better versions of themselves. 

Besides trading financial markets, ZTE is founder and chairman of The ZTE Group of Companies; an actively managed private equity firm focusing on growing businesses in the AI/ML Technology sector, Healthcare, and Real Estate. For information regarding open positions or if you have specialized expertise in one of these fields, send an email to hiring@bfitraders.com. ZTE also dedicates time every month to his late-mothers Family Foundation that focuses on assisting impoverished orphans, as ZTE was blessed to be an orphan himself. For more information regarding our philanthropic endeavors, contact giving@bfitraders.com

We hope you enjoy the BFI Traders trading education on the BFI Traders platform. Make sure to subscribe to our SMS alerts to be notified on any new updates and program announcements:    Text  EZTRADING  to   +1 (689) 698-5567 to subscribe.
“Proper trading is simple trading. You define your trading edge, and using fixed lot sizes within risk parameters, the trader sets a SL & TP they believe in. Only take the risk when you believe it is worth the reward. Less can be more, if you learn to put time on your side. ”
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